What are the commonly used processing techniques for stainless steel plates?

Stainless steel plates go through various processes to obtain certain quality and performance, thus obtaining different properties. The following are the different processes that are often carried out on steel plates:

Heat treatment - temperature control operation to improve the physical and even structural properties of metal.

The five main heat treatment processes for stainless steel plates are quenching, surface hardening, annealing, tempering and normalizing.

Normalizing this special heat treatment heats the metal to a critical temperature and then immediately cools it in still air.

This will refine the structure of the internal crystal and gradually eliminate the internal stress.

Rolling - the metal material is pushed by a pair of rollers, and the size of the process depends entirely on the temperature range used.

If the temperature of the material exceeds the recrystallization temperature, the rolling process is called hot rolling.

On the other hand, cold rolling belongs to the process of using metal materials lower than the typical recrystallization temperature.

These processes are not necessary for the processing of stainless steel plates. They are only processing to achieve certain characteristics. The factory needs to apply specific processing processes to various specific grades of stainless steel in order to obtain good use.

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